Dermal Fillers

Treatment Duration

45 minutes

Cost per Treatment

£150 per ml

Over time, many changes happen beneath the surface of your skin, which ultimately causes you to look older. 

One of these changes is the movement and diminishing of your facial fat pads. Fat pads are areas of closely packed, subcutaneous fat cells. Over time the facial fat pads disintergrates which can then lead to sagging of the skin.

As the fat pads diminish and sag, it causes the upper and middle parts of our face to lose structure and fullness. Where the fat pads are depleted the skin can sag, look hollow and wrinkle due to the lost fullness.

The face also has many muscles and each has a specific function that results in expression. With ageing, the muscles gradually shortens due to the repeated contractions.

Dermal fillers are used to return volume to the face which will increase volume in the skin and reduce sagging and in essence slowing down the ageing process..

Book a Consultation

Consultations are charged at £20 which is redeemable against treatment carried out. if you wish to cancel an appointment you have to call us at least 2 hours beforehand, otherwise deposits will be lost if you don’t turn up.



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